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H Series: H500 / H1000

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Product Overview

H Series: H500 / H1000 

The H Series H500 & H1000 are saturated humidity cabinets which are designed to be simple and reliable to operate for your product testing.

The Alpha+ range by Ascott is designed for ease of use, simple operation and reliability. Easy to install with a minimal number of external service connections. Simple to operate due to intuitive touch screen interface. Reliable and uncomplicated design backed by 25 years manufacturing experience.

Design features:

  • Manufactured from a robust glass reinforced plastic (GRP) construction, combined with other non-corroding materials, to guarantee a trouble free long life.
  • Visually striking, transparent domed roof providing unimpeded 360 degree viewing of the cabinet interior.
  • Latching roof stay for ease of loading.
  • Self-regenerating water trap seal, preventing salt fog escaping during operation.
  • Ergonomically positioned menu driven touch screen programmer for comfortable and intuitive control.
  • Timed stop facility and hours run counter.
  • Maximised cross-sectional load area, enabling many samples to be tested at any one time, without compromising ergonomics.
  • Supplied with complimentary corrosion proof sample holders.
  • Platform available as an optional accessory for large/heavy objects to be located in the base of the cabinet.

International Standards Compliance:

The Alpha+ range complies with the most popular international standards for corrosion testing, including:

  • Salt spray standards
  • ASTM B117
  • ISO 9227
  • DIN 50 021
  • JIS Z 2371
  • Humidity standards
  • DIN 50 017-KK
  • DIN 50 017-KFW
  • DIN 50 017-KTW
  • ISO 6270-2
  • VDA 621-421
  • ASTM D2247
  • BS 3900 Part F2
  • All cabinets are CE marked as your assurance of their quality and compliance with European directives.



Key Features

  • Precise temperature controlled, high humidity environment. Water held in a sump located in the cabinet base is heated by an immersion heater to generate water vapour.
  • As water vapour evaporates, it saturates the cabinet atmosphere with moisture. Test samples in the cabinet, below the dew-point temperature of the saturated air, will develop surface condensation.
  • By careful design, the high humidity environment is achieved without the need for a circulation fan, which would otherwise have to endure the hostile, high humidity environment.
  • Safety cut-outs ensure the immersion heater is automatically isolated if the water reservoir runs dry.
  • The user can program either a single set temperature, or automatically cycle the cabinet temperature between two different temperatures for user defined periods of time.
  • Automatic filling and topping up of the humidity water reservoir if connected to a pressurised water supply.

saturated humidity tested Saturated humidity chamber

Available Options

Product Details H500 H1000
Workspace capacity Ltrs (cu ft) 500 (17.6) 1000 (35.3)
Workspace internal dimensions width / ‘a’ mm (inches) 1076 (42.4) 1553 (61.1)
depth / ‘b’ mm (inches) 683 (26.9) 863 (33.0)
cabinet height / ‘c’ mm (inches) 616 (24.3) 620 (24.4)
roof height / ‘d’ mm (inches) 250 (9.9) 350 (13.8)
total height / ‘e’ mm (inches) 866 (34.2) 970 (38.2)
Cabinet external dimensions width / ‘f’ mm (inches) 1650 (65.0) 2127 (83.7)
depth / ‘g’ mm (inches) 934 (36.8) 1127 (44.4)
height / ‘h’ mm (inches) 1102 (43.4) 1159 (45.6)
Cabinet Weight Kg (lbs) 125 (276) 190 (419)
Cabinet Load Capacity Kg (lbs) 80 (176) 150 (330)
Cabinet colour White White
 Optional Accessories 500 L 1000 L
Option Reference
Internal base loading platform ACC15/8 ACC15/9 Horizontal removable loading platform, covering the internal base of cabinet, to enable large/heavy test samples to be accommodated directly on the internal base of the cabinet.
Extra sample holders ACC16/7 ACC16/8 Additional sample holders
Installation kit ACC22 A bottle trap to connect between the drain outlet of cabinet and local drain facility, to prevent any smells from entering the cabinet via the drain. Also 3m of drain/exhaust tubing with a selection of couplers, and 3m compressed air hose with hose clips

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