NEW DTS Slice IP68 Power Pack Available Now

The IP68 is the new revolutionary way to undertake harsh environmental testing.

  • Meets IP68 for dust and water ingress
  • MIL-STD-810G for temp, altitude, shock & vibration
  • Ultra-small, embeds on or in test article

High Performance

DTS announced this month the release of the new SLICE IP68 Power Pack, to join the IP68 product range. Combine the efficiency of the IP68s in the new Power Packs.

This rechargeable IP68-rated Li-Po battery power pack was designed originally for SLICE IP68 systems, but it also has mounting holes to support SLICE NANO and SLICE MICRO for a complete, autonomous field solution. Available in a 2200 or 6600 mAH capacity, the Power Pack supports up to 9 hours of run time (based on 18 channels of typical use).


THP Systems are the UK’s exclusive distributor for DTS. Get in touch today for more information or for a quotation for the new Power Pack.