THP Systems

Data Acquisition Systems

Test & Data Acquisition Systems for a variety of different applications and markets available from leading brands like Crystal Instruments.

Data Acquisition Systems

  1. SLICE IP68

    SLICE IP68 is a modular data acquisition system
  2. Spider 81

    Crystal Instruments have recently released an upgraded version of their renowned Spider 81. With upgraded internal flash memory storing test configuration […]
  3. SLICE6

    SLICE6 is a modular data acquisition system designed for test applications that require high-speed sampling with precision timing. SLICE6  features […]
  4. Spider-80X Dynamic Measurement System

    The Spider-80X is a cutting-edge data acquisition, dynamic measurement system developed by Crystal Instruments. The system is a highly modular, […]
  5. Drelloscop 1504

    Long-time flash trigger unit. Consisting of supply unit with adjustable flash period. Separate lamp with built in quartz flash tube. […]
  6. Spider-NAS

    High Performance Network Storage Device The Spider-NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a dedicated network storage device designed to provide high […]