Photovoltaic & Solar Panel Testing

  1. Conduit Bending Test System

    King Design’s Conduit Bending Test System is fully compliant with IEC 61730-2:2004 MST 33 Specification. The Conduit Bending Tester has […]
  2. Cut Susceptibility Tester

    King Design’s Cut Susceptibility tester has been designed to test the surface durability of Solar Panels and Photovoltaic Panels by […]
  3. Terminal Box Knock Out Tester

    The Terminal Box Knock Out Tester by King Design has been designed to test power junction boxes as per IEC61730 […]
  4. Module Breakage Tester

    The Module Breakage Tester, manufactured by King Design has been designed to test Solar and PV Panels by impacting the […]
  5. Wet Leakage System

    The Wet Leakage Test System, manufactured by King Design, is designed to test whether the a PV panel has sufficient […]
  6. Hail Impact Tester

    The KD-HL01 Series Hail Test System from King Design is a state-of-the-art Hail Test Solution designed to simulate four tests […]
  7. Damp-Heat Chamber

    The Damp-Heat Chamber, manufactured by King Design, realistically simulates the environment according to temperature and humidity. These chambers can be […]
  8. Class AAA Solar Simulator

    The King Design Class AAA Solar Simulator is a Complete Solar / Photovoltaic Solar Simulator. Using a Plasma light source […]