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We offer a wide range of Test & Measurement Solutions, Services and Systems to organisations around the world.

Walk-In & Drive-In Chambers

  1. Stability Rooms & Environmental Rooms

    Used to test or store large batches of products CSZ Walk-In stability rooms provide a stable, temperature and/or humidity-conditioned environment […]
  2. Modular Walk-In Chambers

    Offers flexibility for testing larger volumes at an economical price CSZ’s Modular Walk-In Chambers offer the most flexibility in designing […]
  3. Drive-In Chambers

    Drive-in test chambers for full vehicle testing CSZ provides drive-in chambers for combined environmental testing to simulate a variety of […]
  4. BioStore® Freezer Rooms

    Ideal for large capacity storage to replace upright freezers with a single unit. Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s (CSZ) BioStore Freezer Rooms address […]
  5. Welded Walk-In Chambers

    Rugged construction with higher temperature and faster cycling CSZ’s WW-Series Welded Walk-In chambers are ideal for applications that require high […]