Product Overview

Designed for low speed Rotors, Main Bearings, and Gear Box Inputs, but can also be used for High Frequency Detection.
Can be used with any application that requires low and high frequency measurements.

500 mV/g Sensitivity, ±10% Sensitivity
0.1 Hz for Low Frequency Measurements
10,000 Hz for High Frequency Detection

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Key Features

  • Sensitivity: 500 mV/g
  • Frequency Response (±3dB): 6-600,000 CPM
  • Dynamic Range: ± 10 g, peak
  • Power Requirements Voltage Source: 18-30 VDC
  • Temperature Range: -58 to 250°F
    (-50 to 121°C)
  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Connector: 2 Pin MIL-C-5015
  • Max Temp: 250°F

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