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Haptics Testing Solutions


Product Overview

Material Pair Test system-SSP-04

One of the two sample materials,which is attached to a steel spring, is moved in contact with the other sample material,which is mounted on a carriage,and an adjustable normal force,FN is applied.

When the carriage moves, the spring deflects due to static friction between the two materials.If the return force of the spring exceeds the static friction force,contact is broken and the two materials start sliding upon each other.

As soon as the spring force is relieved, static friction starts building again. In this way, the pair changes constantly between static and sliding friction.The difference between both forces is critical to the stick-slip effect.

The deflection and acceleration of the spring is measured and used as input of the special evaluation algorithm.

  • Data is converted to a risk priority index.
  • Maximum acceleration, impulse value, impulse rate,energy rate are determined.
  • Measurement of static and dynamic friction.

The SSP-04 Stick slip machine can perform accurate testing for material property’s and there risk in creating squeaks and rattle , full software is also provided allowing the customer to accurately select materials correctly

An optional Material Temperature Controller (MTC) enables local tempering of the carriage sample.

Key Features

  • Internationally accredited test method
  • Part of the VDA norm 230-206 for leather and imitation leather
  • Part of the BMW test specification PR 315 and the Ford
  • PEM Software to accurately assess Squeak and Rattle risks

Available Options

  • Thermal Conditioning of Material Samples
  • Materials testing service at Ziegler Instruments

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