SeeSV-S206 Mini Sound Camera

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Product Overview

SeeSV-S206 is a real-time sound camera that implements FPGA-based high-speed beamforming technology. It was developed
for the detection of highly transient noise sources, and also performs superbly on stationary noise sources. 

SeeSV-S206 employs more MEMS microphones than its previous model, SeeSV-S205, resulting in an improved signal-to-noise ratio.
The new sound camera’s portability has been improved with a 16% reduction in size.

  • Capturing 25 images per second.
  • Highly sensitive microphones immediately detect small annoying sounds.
  • Successful detection of Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle (BSR) noise sources as well as the visualisation of Noise, Vibration, and
    Harshness (NVH) sources.
  • Design of SeeSV-S206 makes easier and more accurate measurements of sounds.
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Key Features


ㆍUnique, Innovative Design
ㆍ96ch Digital MEMS Microphones
ㆍHigh Resolution Optical Camera
ㆍHigh Speed Processing based on FPGA
ㆍEasy Connection based on Wireless Network


ㆍReal-Time Sound Imaging
ㆍHigh Speed Image Update, 25 FPS
ㆍOptimized for BSR Detection
ㆍBackground Noise Removal (Noise Gate)
ㆍSelective Listening for Noise Source
ㆍEffective Post Processing
ㆍFFT and Octave Analysis
ㆍMobile function through Web Service

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