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Product Overview

The SmartVibro, developed by IMV Corporation is a hand-held Vibrometer that offers accurate, simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity and displacement and FTT analysis through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

SmartVibro is a cost-effective device that offers a high-level of functionality. The design is compact, allowing for easy handling with a bright LCD touch screen.

IMV’s Vibrometer can be attached to numerous machinery such as turbines, power generators, blowers, pumps or compressors and is also suitable for measuring vibration for performance retention of utility devices or manufacturing machines.

The SmartVibro is also ideal for use in routine maintenance or shipping inspections. Other applications include vibration investigation of electric appliances.

The simultaneous measurement function can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement at the same time, by simply pressing the measurement start key, this leads to efficient testing and a reduction in operating time. Other benefits include increased accuracy and prevention of miss-measurements.

FFT Analysis function and SD card data saving are available options.

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Key Features

  • Low price
    Low-price and high-functionally.
  • Simultaneous measurement of acceleration, velocity and displacement.
    Just press one key and start measuring quickly, so it can reduce operation time and prevent miss-measurements.
  • Measurement of PEAK, RMS and EQP
    Easy to switching mode on screen according to the measurement scene. For example, you can select “peak” for peak to peak value of shock waveform, “rms” for condition of rotation machine.
  • FFT analysis*
    For further investigation of cause of vibration, SmartVibro is possible to perform frequency analysis by the minimum condition setting.
    *VM-4424S doesn’t include this function.
  • SD card data saving*
    Waveform data is saved into MMC or compatible card
    *VM-4424S doesn’t include this function.

Available Options

  • Variety of sensor attachment cable lengths available
  • Ruggedized Carrying case
  • Protective rubber jacket for main Instrument

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  • Simultaneous measurement

    Simultaneous measurement

    There are many functions to express characteristics of vibration, so conventional vibrometers usually needed to switch the mode every time to measure by each factor. However, on pressing a button, you can measure acceleration, velocity and displacement simultaneously when you use SmartVibro function for simultaneous measurement. It can save operating time and prevent miss-measurements. By switching the screen, VM-4424S / VM4424H can confirm acceleration envelope for bearing condition to find even small defects easily.

  • Touch panel LCD
    OA Screen

    OA screen

    Easy operation for setting and selecting measurement value on the display with touch panel is possible. Moreover, SmartVibro has more functions such as adjustment of brightness of contrast of the backlight, zooming measured value which will help you for easy measurement in various cases.

  • FFT analysis function
    *VM-4424S doesn’t include this function

    FFT screen

    FFT screen

    SmartVibro is possible to perform frequency analysis by the minimum condition setting.
    *See the specifications

    *What is FFT analysis? FFT analysis is to extract frequency components from vibration waveform. By comparing frequency distribution, the cause investigation becomes possible.

  • Waveform data save function
    *VM-4424S doesn’t include this function

    OA Screen

    OA screen

    Can be saved into MMC or compatible card as CSV format. (Maximum 50 seconds*) *In case of VM-7024H.See the specifications on page 13 for maximum memory storage time.

    [SD card]
    Memory capacity is 2GB. About 1000 files can be saved (1 file data for 5 seconds)

  • Three languages are available

    Japanese, English or Chinese are selectable by setting change only.

SmartVibro Function Table