Test Solutions

THP Services offers a comprehensive range of customer orientated test services. Our personnel have over 50 years combined experience in a wide range of environmental test engineering roles with a wealth of applications experience. Our aim is to provide our customers with a cost-effective test service supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable team. Our flexible range of in-house test equipment enables THP Services to orientate our facility to enable us to perform specific test applications for our customers, such as automotive component testing.



Our facility also enables THP Services to provide customers with training on the use of vibration test equipment both from a practical perspective and through to structured training presentations. We offer flexible training courses that also cover data acquisition with a focus on the data collection and replication of real time signals in a laboratory environment.


Hire Services

To assist customers who require increased capacity during their testing programs we also offer a hire service, with access to additional test equipment both on and off site.

THP Services can offer tailored made hire agreements to suit our customer’s needs. The available equipment within our hire portfolio is as follows- Vibration Test Systems, Vibration Control equipment, Signal Analysers, Acoustic Cameras and Climatic Chambers.


Site Support

THP Services can also offer on-site testing support to our customers. This service is offered to customers who require additional personnel to run their test systems in the event where their own personnel are not available for short to medium periods of time.


Test House Partners

With our wide network of test house partners across the UK and Europe we can also offer additional test house support for larger payloads and more complex test programs.



Our test facility contains six electro-dynamic vibration systems, which are capable of testing payloads in excess of 150kgs. We have equipped the vibration laboratory with 16 channel vibration controllers, which enable us to perform sine, random, shock and mixed mode vibration tests. Our customers can also replay their field gathered vibration data through our systems with time waveform replication, if required.


Squeak and Rattle Testing

With the use of our acoustic camera and vibration test systems, we can perform squeak and rattle testing on customer’s systems and components.

Including a wealth of internal knowledge and direct connections with experts in the field of squeak and rattle prevention techniques, we offer a service that combines the use of in-house test equipment and consultancy provided by our principle Ziegler Instruments.