Squeak and Rattle

Squeak and Rattle Testing

Buzz, Squeak and Rattle Testing (BSR), also called Squeak and Rattle Testing (S&R) focuses on automotive acoustic testing for determining fit and wear of vehicle components as they are perceived acoustically. The revolutionary concept has driven the standards for luxury and high expectations in the motor industry.

Manufacturers, buyers and customers now expect nothing but the best, the best being soundless, buzz,squeak and rattle free sounding vehicles. THP Services offer both live testing, performed by our acoustic camera engineers, alongside the BSR Checker it's self, which is now available to purchase.

Make sure you don't miss out.

SM Instruments BSR checker is the newest way to find acoustic locations. Get in touch today to find out more about the BSR or how THP can support your testing with the BSR.


BSR Checker
BSR Checker

Squeak and Rattle Test House Capabilities

LDS V780/HPAK Squeak & Rattle

  • Sine Force: 5,120N (S&R - 50%)
  • Random Force: 4,230N (S&R - 50%)
  • Shock Force: 10,240N
  • Armature Size: 180mm
  • Frequency Range: DC -4,000Hz
  • Displacement: 51 mm Peak to Peak (2")
  • Velocity: 1.9m/s (74.8in/s)
  • Max Acceleration - Sine: 111g pk 91089m/s²)
  • Max Acceleration - Random: 50grms (490m/s²)
  • Max Acceleration - Shock: 150g pk (1470m/s²)
  • Max Payload: 100kg
  • Arm Mass: 4.7kg
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