THP Services is an independent UK test house focused on providing environmental testing solutions. We have a wide range of capabilities that include Vibration and Climatic Testing with Data Acquisition and Acoustic Measurement.


Latest News

Testing Antennas That Will Help The SKA Discover The Universe

THP Systems are excited to be able to share a recent project that we were involved in with Cambridge Consultants. […]

CSZ Chamber to Test NASA Spacecraft

     “Orion Spacecraft, a mission critical project” CSZ recently completed installation of a temperature cycling chamber for testing NASA’s […]

Ziegler Instruments Announce 10th Annual Squeak and Rattle Forum on the 13th and 14th June 2018 in Oberhausen, Germany

Ziegler Instruments have confirmed the dates for the 10th annual Squeak and Rattle Forum which will be held on the13th and14th […]