1. Spider 81/B – Vibration Control System

    The Spider-81 Vibration Controller, developed by Crystal Instruments is a 4th generation Vibration Control System. Utilizing exclusive, advanced technology, it […]
  2. AccuDrop™ 500

    AccuDrop™ 500 drop tester is precision drop testing at an affordable price. This drop tester represents the ultimate in product […]
  3. LP204

    Continuously Monitor & Protect Important Machinery 4-20 mA Current Proportional to Vibration Transmit Signals Over Long Distances with No Signal […]
  4. Salt Spray Chambers

    Ascott salt spray chambers and cabinets – one of the world’s most modern and most versatile salt spray corrosion test […]
  5. SP Series: SP500 & SP1000

    SP Series: SP500 & SP1000  Models: SP500 & SP1000 salt spray cabinets are the ideal choice for long term tests. […]
  6. Damp-Heat Chamber

    The Damp-Heat Chamber, manufactured by King Design, realistically simulates the environment according to temperature and humidity. These chambers can be […]
  7. Spider-NAS

    High Performance Network Storage Device The Spider-NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a dedicated network storage device designed to provide high […]
  8. KD-500 Drop Test System

    King Design’s KD-500 Drop Test System has been specifically designed to allow heavy payloads to be accurately dropped, with the […]