1. LP234

    Loop Power Sensor, Velocity, 4-20 mA Output, with C° Temperature Output, Side Exit 4-20 mA Current Proportional to Vibration Transmit […]
  2. LP304-M12E

    Loop Power Sensor, Acceleration, 4-20 mA Output, Side Exit 4 Pin M12 Connector 4-20 mA Current Proportional to Vibration Transmit […]
  3. TBV Head Expanders

    The TBV Head Expander from IMV  is a Head Expander, designed for Vertical Testing. The purpose of a Head Expander is […]
  4. HB Sliptables

    Hydrostatic-Bearing Slip Tables from IMV Corporation are of the latest design and use hydro-static bearing blocks which are attached to the underside […]
  5. Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

    Ascott cyclic corrosion test chambers are one of the world’s most sophisticated and versatile corrosion test systems available. With the chambers […]
  6. Thermal Barriers

    We offer a range of Vibration Test System components including Thermal Barriers from Centrotecnica. Thermal Barriers are produced from a […]
  7. Aluminum & Magnesium Head Expanders

    Designed for High-Frequency testing, Head Expanders can be made from either Magnesium or Aluminum. Head Expanders that are cast, are […]