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  1. Crystal Instruments

    Random Vibration Testing

    The Random Vibration Control System provides precise, real-time, multi-channel control and analysis. Random vibration testing supports up to 512 input […]
  2. Crystal Instruments

    Mix Mode Vibration Testing – SOR & ROR

    Some vibration environments are characterized by quasi-periodic excitation from reciprocating or rotating machines (e.g. rotor blades, propellers, or pistons). These […]
  3. Crystal Instruments

    Kurtosis Control in Random

    Kurtosis is a measure of the frequency of occurrences of large peaks in a waveform. Kurtosis control allows the user […]
  4. Crystal Instruments

    Fatigue Damage Spectrum

    Fatigue Damage Spectrum (FDS) allows users to compare the potential damage caused by different Random and Swept Sine profiles. In […]