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Thermal Shock Chambers

  1. BioStore® Freezer Rooms

    Ideal for large capacity storage to replace upright freezers with a single unit. Cincinnati Sub-Zero’s (CSZ) BioStore Freezer Rooms address […]
  2. DTS Double Duty

    Thermally Shock twice as much product in one chamber The DTS, Double Duty Thermal Shock Chambers are designed to perform […]
  3. TSB Liquid Thermal Shock

    Immediate temperature shock for faster testing CSZ’s Liquid thermal shock chambers consist of separately controlled hot and cold baths. Product […]
  4. VTS Compact

    Provides Superior Performance in a Small Footprint CSZ’s VTS Compact Thermal Shock Chambers consists of two separately controlled hot and […]
  5. VTS Large

    Detect product defects before they reach your customer Vertical Thermal Shock chambers consist of two separately controlled hot and cold […]