Spider-80X High Channel Vibration Controller

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Product Overview

The Spider-80X is a compact package designed for applications in three fields: dynamic data acquisition, vibration control, and machine monitoring. It features eight analog input channels and two channels that can be software selected as analog outputs for vibration control or tachometer inputs for the analysis of rotating machinery.

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Control System

EDM software is a complete VCS (Vibration Control System). Crystal Instruments has recently released the new EDM 9.0 release, the most powerful and feature rich version of EDM software. EDM 9.0 release supports the newly introduced hardware units (Spider-80Hi, Spider-80Ci, Spider-20i, Spider-20H, Spider-20HE) that support data acquisition and recording for up to 256 kHz. In addition, the proprietary Multi-Resolution technology has been extended to benefit frequently used Vibration Control tests for Single-axis and MIMO tests. EDM has the following suite of software modules:

Software Features

Key Features

  • High Channel Count Vibration Test Control

    The Spider-80X vibration test controllers have voltage and IEPE inputs which are ideal for shock, vibration and acoustic measurement or general purpose voltage measurement. Each Spider-80X vibration controller is equipped with 8 input channels which accurately measure and record both dynamic and static signals. The mass flash memory simultaneously records 8 channels of streaming signals at up to 102.4 kHz while computing real-time time and frequency based functions. An embedded signal source channel provides various signal output waveforms that are synchronized with the input sampling rate.

  • High Dynamic Range

    The Spider’s performance is the best in class with the highest dynamic range of any similar product. With patented technology, the Spider-80X achieves 160 dBFS input dynamic range (defined in the time domain). Each measurement channel detects signals as small as 6 μV and as large as ±20 V. Such high dynamic range eliminates the need for input range and or gain settings of traditional data acquisition systems.

    A high speed floating point DSP manages the data input/output and real-time processing. The Spider-80X is also configured with RAM and onboard flash memory for mass data storage. Special thermal and low power designs eliminate the need for a cooling fan.

  • Vibration Test Control – Operation Mode

    The Spider-80X vibration test controllers are controlled by a host computer or run in Black Box mode, where a pre-programmed schedule is downloaded to the unit and started manually or based on an event trigger. The ability to use any vibration test controller in Black Box mode or in a network distributed system means that users are able to place modules close to the measurement object.

  • Full Vibration Test Control Software Suite

    The Spider-80X system has a full vibration test control software suite available. EDM (Engineering Data Management) software by Crystal Instruments features a modern intuitive interface for vibration test control needs. The Spider-80X is also compatible with the iPad App version of EDM. Contact Crystal Instruments for more details. Software solutions for vibration control include:

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Carrying Case

S80X-A83 – DIO to Alligator ground cable

S80X-A82 – BNC T-Connector

S80X-A77 – DC Power Adaptor

S80X-A66 – Ethernet Cable

S80X-A65 – Ethernet Crossover Cable

S80X-A40 – Simulation Box

S80X-A24 – S80X DIO Test Board

S80X-A11UK – UK Power Plug (2)

S80X-A11NA – North America Power Plug (2)

S80X-A11EU – EU Power Plug (2)

S80X-A08 – BNC to BNC (2)


  • Inputs: 8 BNC connectors per front-end, front-ends are networked to form up to 128 inputs, voltage or IEPE, single-ended or differential, AC or DC coupling, 160 dBFS dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converters, range ±20 volts, up to 102.4 kHz fs per channel

  • Outputs: 2 BNC connectors per front-end, 100 dB dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converters. ±10 volts

  • Channel Phase Match: < ±1.0 degree up to 20 kHz

  • Dimensions: 238.8 x 215.7 x 20 mm, four Spider-80X vibration test controllers fit into one 1U 19 inch rack-mount slot

  • Weight: 1.3 kg per front-end

  • Power: Powered from external DC power

  • Computer Connections: 100 Base-T, RJ45 female connector supports connection to PC or network switch

  • Internal Memory: Flash memory for data storage is 4 GB per unit

  • Real Time Analysis Functions: Data recording, Math (+,-,*,/), integration ,differentiation, FFT, average, window, auto power spectra, cross-spectra, FRF, coherence, real-time filters, RMS, swept sine, limiting, alarm/abort and many more.

  • Operation Modes: Connected to computer or stand alone Black Box mode.