Crystal Instruments

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Crystal Instruments were established in 1996. They design, produce, sell, and service hardware and software for environmental testing, dynamic signal analysis, Dynamic measurement, and machine vibration monitoring. Crystal Instruments designs the products from the circuit boards, FPGA code, firmware, algorithm, DSP software, and user interface software to the calibration tools. From start to finish, they develop and own the technology, so that it is expandable and upgradeable. The CoCo and Spider instruments have been widely used in machine condition monitoring and diagnostics by taking and analyzing the vibration signals. In the testing lab, professionals use their products to conduct the measurement and control for vibration, shock, acoustic, pressure, temperature, humidity, and other physical quantities. In the past three years, they have gradually expanded the products from vibration testing to combined testing. Following the trends of the industry, they have progressed from single quantity measurement and control to an integrated environment. Crystal Instruments has a well-established worldwide distribution network with support and service centers located in the USA, Europe, India, and China.