Climatic & Thermostatic

Climatic & Thermostatic

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  1. ACS

    ACS Home Heating Test Chambers

    The need to limit the energy used in home heating requires precise experimental measurements for the various conditions in which […]
  2. ACS

    ACS Thermal Transmittance Chambers

    ACS Thermal Transmittance Chambers are specifically designed for Construction Industry Components to test the thermal behaviour of solar active buildings. […]
  3. ACS

    Discovery My E Series

    Energy Saving “E” series has the essential environmental chamber performance and is specifically designed for general purpose applications where excessively high […]
  4. ACS

    Discovery My ES Series

    “ES” series has been designed for Environmental Stress (ESS) an is ideal for reliability growth processes where temperature rates of change […]
  5. ACS

    Discovery My ESS Speedy Series

    ESS “speedy” chambers series has been developed to help manufacturers detecting product defects and production flaws. Screening can force infancy board […]
  6. ACS

    Discovery My Flower® Series

    Environmental protection and preservation are among the world’s highest priorities. The new Flower® climatic chamber is the product of ACS research, a truly […]
  7. ACS

    Discovery My Universal Use

    ACS Discovery My is the ultimate and most innovative chamber series yet. Characterised by the brilliant and innovative design of the […]
  8. ACS

    ACS Climatic Dyno Chambers

    Climatic chambers coupled with rolling road dynamometers are manufactured by ACS in partnership with companies that are leaders in the […]