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Miniature Data Acquisition Systems

Explore THP’s World Class selection of Data Acquisition Systems.

Miniature Data Acquisition Systems

  1. SLICE Free Motion Headform (FMH)

    The SLICE Free Motion Headform features a cable-free operation with DAS Integration by Humanetics. The SLICE Free Motion Headform (FMH) […]
  2. SLICE IP68

    SLICE IP68 is a modular data acquisition system
  3. SLICE6

    SLICE6 is a modular data acquisition system designed for test applications that require high-speed sampling with precision timing. SLICE6  features […]
  4. TDAS G5

    The TDAS G5 System is a standalone 32-Channel Data Recorder manufactured by DTS. The TDAS G5 is best-selling standalone Data […]
  5. TDAS PRO SIM Data Recorder

    TDAS PRO LAB SIM and TDAS PRO SIM are standalone Data Recorders with 8 fully-programmable sensor input channels that work […]

    SLICE PRO is a modular, high-speed Data Acquisition System that is not only the new standard in shock-hardened, mega-sample data […]