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Physical 43 x 43 x 15 mm, 50 grams
Features Standalone, 11 built-in sensors, onboard memory, plus real-time streaming capabilities
Sampling 100 to 20k sps, programmable (Recording or Streaming Mode)
Low-g Accelerometers (Vibration)
High-g Accelerometers (Shock)
Angular Rate Sensors (Angular Velocity)
Environmental Sensors (Temperature & Pressure)
Shock Rating 500 g
Data Storage Data writes to 8 GB non-volatile flash memory
Synchronization IEEE 1588 PTP, IRIG-B122, GPS/1PPS, RTC
Environmental -40° to 60°C, IP67
Software DataPRO, API
Calibration NIST traceable, ISO 17025 (A2LA Accredited)

Product Overview

The TSR AIR is a universal data logger with built-in 6DOF (6 degree-of-freedom) for shock and vibration testing. The ultra-small, rugged TSR AIR features real-time streaming making it ideal for shock testing, inertial measurements, vibration modalities and asset tracking.

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Key Features

Low SWaP
• Ultra-low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)
• Quick installation and easy test set-up
• Battery operated, advanced power management system
• Doesn’t alter test dynamics even on small test articles
High Performance
• “Sleep & Wake” feature extends battery life up to months
• Programmable sampling rates; synchronization options
• High shock rated for dynamic test environments
• Works standalone, networked or integrated into existing FTI systems, as well as with SLICE6 AIR
• Onboard recording and real-time streaming capabilities
• Embedded sensors: accelerometers, angular rate, temperature, pressure
Comprehensive Software
• Simple, intuitive Windows software for set-up, control and data viewing
• Includes test set-up features and diagnostics tools 
• API for user-developed application support

Available Options

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