Spider-81 Premium Vibration Controller

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Product Overview

The Spider-81 is the flagship model of Crystal Instruments vibration controllers. This 4th generation hardware is highly modular, distributed and scalable. Each Spider-81 has 8 analog input and 4 analog output channels. Eight digital I/O pairs are provided for custom applications. A bright front panel LCD displays the system status and test information. Users can instantly view real-time status information such as control RMS or sweeping frequency on the LCD panel.

The Spider-81 not only uses Ethernet for data communication, it goes further by employing IEEE 1588v2 time-synchronized Ethernet connectivity. This technology allows (up to 100 meters in distance) remote input modules to be connected solely by Ethernet (with no dedicated “sync” cable required), while still provides sampling and triggering synchronization within an accuracy of 50 ns. The Spider-HUB industrial Ethernet switch can expand the Spider-81 controller up to 512 input channels. All input channels across the system are amplitude matched within 0.1 dB and phase matched within 1° over a 20 kHz bandwidth.

All Spider front-ends contain a 4 GB flash memory for the storage of data and test processing instructions. If longer recording is required, the Spider-NAS (Network Attached Storage) provides at least 250 GB of solid-state disk (SSD) storage in a removable SATA cartridge. One Spider-NAS records streamed time waveforms for up to eight Spider front-ends at the same speed of 102.4 kHz per channel.

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Control System

EDM software is a complete VCS (Vibration Control System). Crystal Instruments has recently released the new EDM 9.0 release, the most powerful and feature rich version of EDM software. EDM 9.0 release supports the newly introduced hardware units (Spider-80Hi, Spider-80Ci, Spider-20i, Spider-20H, Spider-20HE) that support data acquisition and recording for up to 256 kHz. In addition, the proprietary Multi-Resolution technology has been extended to benefit frequently used Vibration Control tests for Single-axis and MIMO tests. EDM has the following suite of software modules:

Software Features

Key Features

  • Latest Hardware Design
  • Shaker Compatibility
  • Designed for High Precision and Accuracy
  • Simple Network Connection
  • Time Synchronization between Multiple Hardware Front-ends with only Ethernet Cable
  • Black Box Mode
  • On-Board LCD Display
  • Designed for High Reliability
  • Designed for High Performance Control
  • Ease of Use
  • Designed for High Scalability and Expandability

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  • Analog Inputs: 8 BNC connectors per Spider-81 vibration test controller. Spider-81 and Spider-80X front-ends can be networked to form a 512 channel count system. Charge, voltage or IEPE, single-ended or differential, AC or DC coupling, 160 dBFS dynamic range, 24-bit A/D converters, range ±20 volts, up to 102.4 kHz fs per channel, 8 BNC connectors per Spider-81 front-end.

  • Analog Outputs: 2 BNC connectors per unit, 100 dB dynamic range, 24-bit D/A converters. ±10 volts

  • Channel Phase Match: better than ±1.0 degree, up to 20 kHz

  • Peripherals: 8 isolated DIO; 10 monitoring channels, LCD display with navigation buttons, RS-485, ground connection, abort contact switch, start and abort buttons

  • Dimensions: 440 x 66 x 330 mm (WxHxD)

  • Weight: 4.2 kg

  • Power: Up to 18 watts during operation.

  • Computer Connections: 100Base-T, RJ45 female connector supports connection to computer or network switch

  • Internal Memory: Flash memory for data storage is 4 GB per unit

  • Operation Modes: Connected to computer or stand alone Black Box mode.