1. Miniature Accelerometers

    We provide a wide range of Accelerometers manufactured by PCB Piezotronics. Piezoelectric accelerometers offer extreme versatility for both shock and […]
  2. KD-500 Drop Test System

    King Design’s KD-500 Drop Test System has been specifically designed to allow heavy payloads to be accurately dropped, with the […]
  3. A-series (3kN – 65kN)

    New Standard in Vibration Testing with a solid test performance. The new A-series Vibration Test System from IMV Corporation. A-series […]
  4. RT Rail Table

    The RT Slip Table or Rail Table from Centrotecnica is a robust, highly damped light alloy horizontal table, guided by […]
  5. Prisms

    Prims, manufacturerd by Centrotecnica, could be considered as a substitute to a Slip Table for Vibration Test Systems. The Prism […]
  6. LP932-XXX-5XC

    Acceleration 4-20 mA Output for Applications in Hazardous Locations With 1 inch NPT fitting Non-Arcing, Non-Sparking Sensor for Class I, […]
  7. Half Sine Elastomer Kits

    Our do-it-yourself kits for Low G pulse specifications contain a number of elastomers and mounting hardware, which allow you to […]