Blast testing

Blast testing

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  1. DTS


    The TSR PRO & TSR PRO-HB are self-powered shock recorders with three internal accelerometers. TSR PRO * PRO-HB feature high […]
  2. DTS


    Available in 2 models: TSR 3DXP and TSR 6DXP The TSR DXP from DTS is a self-powered shock recorder with […]
  3. DTS

    TDAS PRO SIM Data Recorder

    TDAS PRO LAB SIM and TDAS PRO SIM are standalone Data Recorders with 8 fully-programmable sensor input channels that work […]
  4. DTS

    TDAS G5

    The TDAS G5 System is a standalone 32-Channel Data Recorder manufactured by DTS. The TDAS G5 is best-selling standalone Data […]
  5. DTS


    SLICE PRO is a modular, high-speed Data Acquisition System that is not only the new standard in shock-hardened, mega-sample data […]
  6. DTS

    SLICE Nano & Micro

    SLICE is a modular data acquisition system manufactured by DTS (Diversified Technical Systems). The Ultra-Small SLICE miniature Data Recorders feature […]
  7. Drello

    Series 1055 Ammunition Testing

    Universal receiver for material quality assurance, velocity measuring and fragment simulation Easy barrel change system. Suitable for ammunition of all […]
  8. Drello

    Muzzle Blast Sensors

    Trigger for measurement of rate of fire, for short-term photography or gas pressure. Adjustable trigger threshold. To be used with […]