DTS ARS PRO & ARS HG Angular Rate Sensors

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Product Overview

CloseThis product is designed for use with the DTS Software.

The DTS ARS PRO and ARS HG are High Performance Angular Rate Sensors. They are the highest shock tolerant angular rate sensors currently available. DTS has designed the ARS PRO & ARS HG to measure high rates of angular velocity, the ARS PRO and ARS HG are packaged in rugged aluminum enclosures and available in several ranges and various bandwidth options. For extreme high rate applications, the ARS HG offers unparalleled reliability up to ±50K deg/sec and a shock rating up to 10000g.

High linear shock ratings and flexible packaging options make the ARS PRO and ARS HG the sensors of choice for automotive, aerospace, biomechanics and blast testing applications across Europe, Asia, Americas and Worldwide.

Mounting Blocks

DTS mounting blocks offer an easy triax solution. Add three Endevco 7264 or MSI 64 accelerometers to create a six degrees of freedom package. For smaller requirements we advise to look at the DTS 6DX PRO (19 x 19 x 14.5 mm and 12 grams).

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Key Features

  • Ultra-small, low mass single-axis package
  • All models now offer improved high linear shock tolerance
  • Standard range options: ±300, 1500, 8K, 18K, 50K deg/sec
  • Variety of bandwidth options, DC response
  • Shunt check 3000 Ω equivalent bridge resistance
  • Optional Dallas ID and/or user-specified connector
  • ISO 17025 (A2LA Accredited) calibration services available, NIST traceable
  • IP67 rated for dust protection and immersion in water

Available Options

For further information on options available for this Product, please contact our specialist sales team on:

+44 (0) 1462 481859 or

Contact Us via THP-Systems.com.


Please contact our specialist sales team on:

+44 (0) 1462 481859 or

Contact Us via THP-Systems.com

to request a Datasheet or Brochure.

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