6DX PRO – 6 Degrees of Freedom Sensor Package

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Product Overview

CloseThis product is designed for use with the DTS Software.

The 6DX PRO, manufactured by DTS is an Ultra-small 6 Degrees of Freedom Sensor Package.

The 6DX PRO features three linear accelerometers and three angular rate sensors conveniently packaged in a compact, high-shock enclosure. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of dynamic test environments, the DTS 6DX PRO offers two range options. The 6DX PRO is ideal for in-manikin, cadaver and blast testing.

This Ultra-Small 6DOF Sensor package has been designed for applications measuring high rates of shock and angular velocity, the DTS 6DX PRO packages three accelerometers and three angular rate sensors in a compact and convenient 19 x 19 x 14.5 mm package.

Sensor Cables

Each sensor cable is 23 feet long and terminates to a single triaxial connector. Pigtail or adapter cables are available to support a range of termination options.

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Key Features

  • Incredibly compact and lightweight
  • Ideal for high impact testing
  • IP67 Rated: dust protection and water immersion. The sealed enclosure is also ideal for cadaveric work
  • Available in two range options:
    • 6DX PRO 2K-18K
      • 3 accelerometers: ±2000 g
      • 3 angular rate sensors: ±18000 deg/sec
    • 6DX PRO 20K-50K
      •  3 accelerometers: ±20000 g
      • 3 angular rate sensors: ±50000 deg/sec
  • Factory repair of sensor channels available
  • DTS re-calibration services available, NIST traceable
  • Meets NHTSA, FAA, ISO 6487 and SAE J211 practices

Available Options

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