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  1. ACS

    Discovery My ESS Speedy Series

    ESS “speedy” chambers series has been developed to help manufacturers detecting product defects and production flaws. Screening can force infancy board […]
  2. ACS

    Discovery My E Series

    Energy Saving “E” series has the essential environmental chamber performance and is specifically designed for general purpose applications where excessively high […]
  3. Wire Bend Testers

    Many companies who manufacture wire, cable and even high-pressure hydraulic hoses test their product in cold temperature conditions. In CSZ’s […]
  4. V-Series Small

    Industrial freezers for light duty applications The V-Series light-duty freezer is made to handle light duty storage in areas where […]
  5. TF-Series Front Loading

    Heavy-duty freezers with easy loading for industrial applications The TF-Series Front Loading Production Chilling Chambers offer side-by-side operation with batch-type […]
  6. T-Series Large

    Industrial freezers for heavy duty applications The T-Series Production Chilling Chambers are the preferred choice of heat treating companies for […]
  7. Sand & Dust Chambers

    USD-Series Sand & Dust chambers provide an environment to test the exposure of automotive and electronic components to concentrated levels […]
  8. Process Gas Condenser

    Process gas chillers are designed to condense vapors out of a process gas stream so it may be collected and […]