Spider-81B Basic Vibration Controller

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* VCS = Vibration Control System
* DSA = Dynamic Signal Analyzer
* EMA = Experimental Modal Analysis
* MIMO VCS = Multi-input Multi-output Vibration Control System
* MIMO FRF = Multi-input Multi-output FRF analysis in EMA

Product Overview

Spider-81B Economical Vibration Controller The Spider-81B front-end is a smaller, simplified system providing everything needed to run Sine, Random or Shock tests, measuring the control, and up to 3 monitor signals. This basic system offers a very comprehensive facility with the same control quality, safety assurance, measurement precision, expandability and human interface that distinguishes all Crystal Instruments controllers.

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Control System

EDM software is a complete VCS (Vibration Control System). Crystal Instruments has recently released the new EDM 9.0 release, the most powerful and feature rich version of EDM software. EDM 9.0 release supports the newly introduced hardware units (Spider-80Hi, Spider-80Ci, Spider-20i, Spider-20H, Spider-20HE) that support data acquisition and recording for up to 256 kHz. In addition, the proprietary Multi-Resolution technology has been extended to benefit frequently used Vibration Control tests for Single-axis and MIMO tests. EDM has the following suite of software modules:

Software Features

Key Features

  • Latest Hardware Design
  • Shaker Compatibility
  • Designed for High Precision and Accuracy
  • Simple Network Connection
  • Time Synchronization between Multiple Hardware Front-ends with only Ethernet Cable
  • Black Box Mode
  • On-Board LCD Display
  • Designed for High Reliability
  • Designed for High Performance Control
  • Ease of Use
  • Designed for High Scalability and Expandability

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