AccuDrop™ TrueDrop™ 160 Drop Test System

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Product Overview

Precision drop testing at an affordable price. The TrueDrop™ 160 drop tester. This drop tester represents the ultimate in product and package performance testing and is designed to meet a wide variety of global testing needs.

One of three models in the MAXDROP™ Series. It helps determine the ruggedness of packages and the effectiveness of their interior cushioning when exposed to impact during material handling. The effects of dropping are easily duplicated in a laboratory setting using controlled and precise flat, corner, and edge drop tests.

Complies with ISTA, ASTM, ISO, MIL STD, and other internationally recognized test

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Key Features

Linear rail movement with Single Drop Arm Action

  • 160 lbs (73 kg) maximum payload capacity
  • 32” (813 mm) maximum package depth
  • 36” W x 32” D (914x 813mm) steel impact surface
  • 12” – 72” (300 – 1829 mm) adjustable drop height
  • Audible alert during drop arm release sequence
  • Package Holding Fixture holds package in correct orientation prior to drop
  • Exclusive Hand-Held Operator Control with LCD digital readout:
  • Selectable display units of inches or millimeters
  • Two button drop release sequence to ensure safe operation
  • Auto positioning function with memory
  • Drop positioning control
  • Analog counter tracks the number of drops performed
  • Versatile package height and width
  • CE compliant

Available Options

  • Extended drop height
  • Enlarged base plate for larger packages
  • Wooden base plate for MIL STD 810 testing
  • Safety Fence

Package Support Arm

Package Support Arm

Safety Fence

Safety Fence

DAS-105 Data Acquisition System: Drop & Shock

DAS-105 Data Acquisition System:
Drop & Shock

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