THP Systems Simulation Media Archives


  1. PSG Armature Guidance System

    Video demonstrating the innovative design of IMV,s Parallel Slope Guidance System (PSG) that enables their Vibration Test Systems to achieve extended […]
  2. IMV Company Profile

    Video featuring Mr Jumpei Kojima Director of IMV Corporation, explaining the philosophy of IMV in the Vibration Test Market , […]
  3. Earthquake Simulation

    The effects of Seismic Vibration can be clearly seen in the Video with a full building under test for Earth […]
  4. Earthquake Resistance Simulation

    Multi Axis Earth Quake Simulator being Tested Inside IMV Osaka Factory, this specially designed Vibration Test System uses both traditional […]
  5. Dual Vibration Test System

    IMV Corporation Dual Vibration Test System , video showing pre acceptance test with 3 Meter Fixture attached.