Training in Test Equipment

Having built strong relationships with many customers through guidance and support, it was a natural progression for THP Services to provide customers with Tailored Training seminars for equipment including Vibration Test Systems and Environmental Chambers.

Engineering Consultancy

Our Engineering consultancy includes the following applications -

- On-site product training for staff on Machinery and Testing Equipment. This event is tailored to you and can be designed to fit specific needs and requirements, and can be undertaken in conjunction with other personel. Common training includes training on Environmental Chambers, Vibration Test Systems, Data Acquisition Systems, Acoustic Cameras, Squeak and Rattle Systems and many more.

- Engineering assistance for customers who require additional test engineer resource on site. Perhaps you have staff trained to a beginner or intermediate level in equipment and you would like an extra resource to oversee the work whilst advising and training staff. THP Services have frequently assisted customers on projects undertaking this position.

- Data Analysis Support and Training, including how to use Data Acquisition Software Packages, and how to effectively and effeciently produce reports and analysis from Test and Measurement.

- Test House/Site Layout and Planning. Having moved ourselves and other companies, THP Services have experience and expertise in assisting in the design and layout planning for Systems and Equipment and are able to advise and assist in both long-term and short-term projects of this sort.

Commercial Consultancy

THP Systems are the UK leaders in testing equipment distribution, which makes us the number one choice for commercial consultancy. Offering manufacturers the opportunity to expand their sales through our global sales contacts and partners in the testing equipment industry, we can advise customers of the ideal approach to grow their business.

Our Commercial Consultancy includes Identifying high quality distributors within the physical test industry, Strategic business planning, Market and competitive analysis and Developing strategic partnerships.