Renewable Energy

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  1. King Design

    Wet Leakage System

    The Wet Leakage Test System, manufactured by King Design, is designed to test whether the a PV panel has sufficient […]
  2. Centrotecnica

    Vacuum Slip Table (VST)

    The Vacuum Slip Table from Centrotecnica features the very latest vacuum technology Vacuum Slip Tables are simple and efficient to […]
  3. King Design

    UV and Bypass Diode Test Chamber

    UV Test Chambers manufactured by King Design simulates the sun by generating UV light for material endurance testing. King Design’s […]
  4. IMV Corporation

    TTS-series Six Degree of Freedom

    IMV are world leaders specializing in cutting-edge Vibration Testing Technology. The Simultaneous Six Degree of Freedom Multi-Axis shaker is an […]
  5. King Design

    Thermal Cycling and Humidity freeze Test

    The Thermal Cycling Climatic chamber , manufactured by King Design, realistically simulates the environment according to temperature and humidity. These […]
  6. Centrotecnica

    Thermal Barriers

    We offer a range of Vibration Test System components including Thermal Barriers from Centrotecnica. Thermal Barriers are produced from a […]