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ACS Photovoltaic Panel Test Chambers

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ACS Photovoltaic Panel Test Chambers




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*Max values of load and dissipation to guarentee the test execution according to the norms.

Product Overview

The new series of chambers for tests on photovoltaic panels satisfy all the needs of a testing laboratory.

The main 3 models PV3000, PV4500, PV8500 are dedicated to the Standard Test Methods established by the norms:
IEC 61215, IEC 61646 and IEC 62108 (Photovoltaic Modules)
EN12975-1, EN12975-2 (Thermal Modules)

The DH models are basic climatic chambers specifically fit to carry out the simple but long-term Damp Heat Tests required by the Standard Test Methods (85°C/85% RH for 1000 h), so leaving to the the more performing chambers the task of executing the more complex tests.

The UV3000 is a specific test chamber to perform the required radiation pre-treatment phase.
Other equipment can be provided on request, such as the Hail Test equipment and the Data Acquisition System.

Key Features

  • Available as single unit
  • Sample tests include Temperature Shock Cycling Tests, Humidity Freezing, Damp Heat and UV Preconditioning Tests.
  • Full opening door
  • Welded internal structure
  • T range from +50°C to +90°C
  • RH range 70%/90%
  • Includes KeyKrators Plus interface, able to speed up programming functions which intuitive colour touch screen and icons.
  • Graphics compatible to LCD Display: 1/4 VGA resolution
  • Display of actual values
  • Possibility to set customised programs

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