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Standard Altitude Chambers

1. For Temperature only version change the prefix UD with TD
2. t=+4°C/+79°C for continuous test
3. Measured at 1 m distance in front of the unit in 1,6 m height, free field measurement
4. According to IEC 60068-3-5 and IEC 60068-3-6
5. The performance data refer to +22°C ambient temperature, 400V nominal voltage, without specimen
6. With water at T +29°C and temperature difference at 5°C (water temperature range +12÷+29°C)

* chamber equipped with special options

Customized Altitude Chambers

  • External dimensions: 10000x6300x3500 mm (WxDxH)
  • Internal useful dimensions: 2100x4000x2100 mm (WxDxH)
  • Internal useful Volume: 16 m3
  • Temperature range: -70˚C/+160˚C
  • Altitude limit: 150.000 feet
UD24000 C VT LN2
  • External dimensions (chamber only): 2600x7800x3050 mm (WxDxH)
  • Internal useful dimensions: 2000x6000x2000 mm (WxDxH)
  • Temperature range: -75˚C/+150˚C
  • Pressure range: from ambient down to 10 mbar

Product Overview

Since 1953 ACS has been designing and developing a complete series of standard chambers for vacuum tests up to 1 mbar (equivalent to 150,000 feet altitude)

ACS Altitiude Chamber at 150L, 500L, 1000L is available in both thermostatic (temperature and pressure control) and climatic (temperature, pressure, and humidity control) versions.

Also available in ES Version, allowing environmental performance, whilst maintaining the same footprint and volume of the lower specification versions.

Contains a special wall thermoregulation system (optional) which guarantees the best functioning below 300 mbar, thermoregulating the test environment by radiation.

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For testing airborne large components.

  • Tests: Temperature, Humidity, Altitude,
    Rapid Decompression, Explosive decompression
  • External dimensions: 10000x6300x3500 mm (WxDxH)
  • Internal useful dimensions: 2100x4000x2100 mm (WxDxH)
  • Internal useful Volume: 16 m3
  • Temperature range: -70˚C/+160˚C
  • Altitude limit: 150.000 feet
Special Features:
  • MIL-STD-810G METHOD 500.5
  • Procedure III – Rapid Decompression
  • Procedure IV – Explosive Decompression

UD24000 C VT LN2

UD24000 C VT LN2

  • Tests: Temperature, Humidity, Vacuum, Vibrations
  • External dimensions (chamber only): 2600x7800x3050 mm (WxDxH)
  • Internal useful dimensions: 2000x6000x2000 mm (WxDxH)
  • Temperature range: -75˚C/+150˚C
  • Pressure range: from ambient down to 10 mbar
Special Features:
  • Fast depressurization from ambient down to 45 mbar in 1 min.

Control System

MyKratos Support Manage & Control

MyKratos™ control software makes it possible to manage, monitor and assist the chamber anywhere, at any time, in multiple ways via the on-board panel and desktop/mobile devices (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, mobile network). The chamber wireless (Wi-Fi) connection permits operation using tablets and smartphones (iOS or Android compatible).

The operator interface can also be remotely accessed through a chamber connection to the customer’s LAN or via mobile network (on activation of a SIM card data). It includes the MyAngel24™ interactive assistance system.

MyKratos With Devices
Main Features
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the chamber
  • Visualization and graphical analysis of measures and recordings
  • Synoptic charts of the entire system
  • Multilanguage support
  • High configurability of chamber parameters
  • Unlimited measures recording possibilities
  • Program and Manual chamber operation modes
  • Delayed start of a program
  • Possibility to select more than one chamber from a single Tablet: secure access by means of multiple password levels
  • Automatic notifications of event and alarms
  • Archive manager for easy access to the stored recordings
  • Possibility to send email notification
  • Possibility to send SMS notification(SIM card required)
  • Multi-chamber management
  • System available in several languages
Test Program Editor
  • Unlimited possibilities for storing cyclesof 350 segments delaying their execution
  • Internal repetitions of 10 groups of segments up to 999 times each
  • Possibility to upload, edit, export, and delete already existing cycles and recordings
  • Graphic and numeric profile parameters data entry
Graphic Functions (Graphic Viewer)
  • Live data update of measures on the charts
  • Graphic charts or numeric table representation views on the monitor
  • Graphic cursor for in-chart datameasurements and evaluations
  • Calculation of Measure Slopes and report generation.
  • Enable/disable of chart display
  • Zoom in, zoom out and scroll functions

Export function to convert the MyKratos™ log file into ASCII format (usable in Excel or other applications)

Key Features

  • Robust structure.
  • Top-of-sector performance, in terms of both the breadth of the regulation field and the speed of the temperature and pressure variations.
  • Optimized system for the thermoregulation of the walls of the test chamber in both the heating and cooling phase, even for pressures close to the minimum value (optional).
  • All-in one MyKratosTM software: all functions in one application.
  • The new control system – including MyAngel24TM – makes it possible to control, monitor and assist the chamber in any place at any time in multiple ways (WiFi, Ethernet, mobile networks) via mobile and desktop devices.Industrialization of the control, cooling, humidification, and pumping devices, in order to guarantee maximum quality and reliability as well as ease of access to the various maintenance points.

Basic Configuration

  • MyKratos™ including MyAngel24™
  • Inspection window: multiple-crystal, with double heated transparent film, 300h X 300 mm size
  • Internallighting
  • Feet: height adjustable
  • Closing: mechanical
  • Porthole: 100 mm (right side). This allows internal- external electrical, mechanical or hydraulic connections
  • Thermostat: max./min. digital thermostat with independent probe
  • Auxiliarycontacts (specimens, alarms)
  • Interface: Ethernet port for remote control system connection and RS232
  • Watercondenser

Available Options

  • 150L, 500L, 1000L, 2000L capacity altitude chamber equipped with thermoregulated air blowing system
  • ES version for Environmental Stress Screening is available
  • Additionalportholes: 50, 100 and 160mm, see drawing for available positions
  • Internalshelves: AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Maxtemperatureextension: limit at +180°C
  • Min pressure extension: limit at 1 mbar
  • Set of no.4 analogic inputs: 0÷10V for user’s data acquisition (no. 1 set max)
  • Set of no. 4 PT100 inputs (no.1 set max)
  • Set of no. 8 auxiliary contacts (no.1 set max)
  • No break power unit for PLC
  • Remoteaircondenser
  • 6-channel microprocessorrecorder with no.1 PT 100 and pressure recording sensor
  • Wallcooling (excluding door) with dedicated temperature sensor
  • Wallcooling/heating (excluding door) with dedicated temperature sensor
  • MyKratos™Multichambersoftware: installed in a PC to monitor and control multiple chambers (to be supplied upon request)

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