Environmental Chamber Calibration

Chamber Calibration and Maintenance

Environmental Chambers are complex systems of many components and need regular health checks and calibration to ensure they work correctly and accurately. Lack of calibration and maintenance can cause costly problems that can see systems down for some time if not sourced and repaired.

THP Services have trained Engineers with years of experience in calibration of Environmental Chambers who regularly travel across Europe to assist customers with Environmental Chamber calibration and repair.

Our Engineers are able to calibrate units to multiple Temperature and Humidity set points to ISO 9001 Accreditation.

Calibrations include an on site visit for the calibration, a report and certification of the calibration and the sourcing and installation of any spare parts required as a result of a health check.

Chamber Calibration & Maintenance Benefits

  • Reliability: Regular calibration and maintenance allows for potential issues to be spotted before they become problems.
  • Traceability: Gaining certification and documentation for your calibrated system helps form a history path and gain trust from both customers and for internal auditing purposes.
  • Adherence: Calibration isn't a choice for some industries and processes that require adherence. Calibration ensures you are compliant to any potential adherence requests.
  • Accuracy: Calibration ensures the system is maintaining accuracy in testing and reduces the risk of potentially inaccurate measurements that may cost your business.