TS-Series Simultaneous Tri-Axis Vibration Test System

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* Depending on the reference PSD or other operating conditions such as the specimen, one part of the controlled response may deviate from the reference PSD

Product Overview

Multi-axis vibration test technology is at the cutting edge of Vibration Test & Measurement solutions available on the market today. Multi-axis test systems provide the end-user with accurate results in a realistic and convenient manner. It is possible to achieve far greater efficiency, up to a factor of three.

The TS-Series is a simultaneous Multi-Axis Vibration Test Systems from IMV. The TS-Series features tri-axis operation.

The result of multi-axis simultaneous excitation is completion of tests in drastically shorter times than single axis excitation, as all axis are running simultaneously.

Due to their nature, Multi-axis vibration generators can run tests across up to three separate axis, eliminating the need for additional sliptables.

IMV’s TS-Series of Multi-Axis Shakers can be combined with Climatic Test Chambers and Temperature / Humidity Chambers.

IMV’s solution offers end-users reproduction of a more realistic vibration test in an extremely efficient and accurate way.

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Key Features

  • Multi-Axis Vibration Test Technology – Tri-axis operation
  • Tests can be run simultaneously reducing test times
  • Lower running requirements and no additional sliptables required
  • True replication of the real world Vibration environment

Available Options

  • Can be easily combined with Climatic Chambers
  • Tri-Axis (TS)


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