Wet Leakage System

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Product Overview

The Wet Leakage Test System, manufactured by King Design, is designed to test whether the a PV panel has sufficient insulation that can with stand moisture from rain, fog, that can damage the module’s voltage-carrying components as specified in IEC61215 and IEC 61646

The system circulates water in the water tank. The tank has a total of 18 holes along two sides. The temperature of the water can be controlled by the control system which features a pump of ¼ HP, drainage at 60L per minute and an outlet with a valve to control speed at which the water is drained.

The support frame is constructed from steel, with an anti-rust coating. The lower side is supported with 5 sets of adjustable legs.

King Design’s Wet Leakage System is able to test panels up to 2.2m x 2.6m in dimension.

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Key Features

  • Temperature of the water can be controlled by the control system.
  • Drainage: 60L per minute
  • Test panels up to 2.2m x 2.6m in dimension
  • Configurable to suit special panel sizes

Available Options

  • Extended tank sizes available
  • Panel Wetting agent having the resistivity of 3 500 Ohm.cm


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