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Product Overview

CloseThis product is designed for use with the DTS Software.

Available in 2 models: TSR 3DXP and TSR 6DXP

The TSR DXP from DTS is a self-powered shock recorder with Internal Triaxial Accelerometers, Pressure Sensor and Triaxial Angular Rate Sensors.

There are three internal accelerometers, a pressure sensor and up to 3 angular rate sensors (ARS). The Small size of the TSR 3DXP & 6DXP combined with the rugged packaging make it ideal for unattended monitoring of acceleration including blast, vibration and multi-event impacts. Designed for simplicity and reliability, the TSR is always on and ready to record for up to 12 months unattended.

The TSR’s advanced sleep mode “wakes” for an event trigger, collects data to flash memory and then automatically re-arms and returns to ready mode to capture the next event. A detailed time log for thousands of events can be stored in 1 GB Flash Memory

The TSR 3DXP and TSR 6DXP shock recorders are capable of recording up to 75000 samples per second per channel. The TSR 6DXP model also includes a triax angular rate sensor.


TSR Control software provides fast, easy-to-use tools for controlling the recorder and viewing the logged events. With focus on speed and simplicity, TSR Control Software provides the tools to configure the recorder, view real-time sensor output and review your historical data.

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Key Features

  • Simple, easy-to-use software
  • Compact size allows the TSR DXP to discretely attach or embed in test article
  • Memory: 1 GB Flash >15 minutes of data storage time at max sampling rate
  • Records up to 75 ksps/channel
  • Acceleration range: options for ±1250 or 6000 g
  • Angular rate range: ±20000 deg/sec
  • Pressure range: 100 psia
  • Logs temperature and time stamp for each event. Synchronizes time sequence for event reporting.
  • USB-rechargeable Lithium battery operates up to 12 months

Available Options

For further information on options available for this Product, please contact our specialist sales team on:

+44 (0) 1462 481859 or

Contact Us via THP-Systems.com.


Please contact our specialist sales team on:

+44 (0) 1462 481859 or

Contact Us via THP-Systems.com

to request a Datasheet or Brochure.

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