Product Overview

Miniature SLICE6 AIR data acquisition units (DAU) are ideal for rapid deployment modification and compatibility testing for aerospace and in-flight applications. Each standalone SLICE6 AIR data acquisition unit features universal analogue sensor support, flash memory and real-time streaming.

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Key Features

  • Ultra-low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP)
  • Microprocessor, excitation, signal conditioning, flash memory
  • Position near sensors reduces set-up time and eliminates long cable runs
  • Doesn’t alter test dynamics even on small test articles
  • IEEE 1588 compliant Ethernet switch allows PTPv2 daisy-chaining
  • Programmable sampling rates and anti-alias filters
  • High shock rated for dynamic test environments
  • Works standalone, networked or integrated into existing FTI systems
  • Onboard recording and real-time streaming
  • Universal analogue sensor support: full and half-bridge, IEPE, thermocouples, RTD, voltage
  • Complete set-up, control and data viewing software
  • Advanced test set-up features and diagnostics tools
  • Compatible with additional SW operating systems: API, LabView, IRIG-106

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