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1.for Temperature only version add the suffix T
2. τ= +4°C/+94°C for continuous test
3. measured at 1 m distance in front of the unit in 1,6 m height,free field measurement
4. according to IEC 60068-3-5and IEC 60068-3-6
5. The performance data refer to +22°C ambient temperature, 400V nominal voltage, without specimen.

Product Overview

“ES” series has been designed for Environmental Stress (ESS) an is ideal for reliability growth processes where temperature rates of change of 5 degrees a minute are pre requisite. All of the chambers in the “ES” range are equipped with air condensers, except for the 340 l model where water condensation is required to maintain a compact footprint.

  • Cutting-edge control software, allowing to manage, monitor, assist the chamber in any place at any time in multiple ways (WiFi, Ethernet, mobile network)
  • Maximum safety of tests, thanks to door opening by personal codes and settable temperature limits
  • Full range of performances matching all requirements from stability tests to the most severe stress screening applications
  • Specific test outfits exist already for Batter Testing, Fast Cooling by LN2, Solar Simulation Testing and Air Conditioning units.
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Control System

MyKratos Support Manage & Control

MyKratos™ control software makes it possible to manage, monitor and assist the chamber anywhere, at any time, in multiple ways via the on-board panel and desktop/mobile devices (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, mobile network). The chamber wireless (Wi-Fi) connection permits operation using tablets and smartphones (iOS or Android compatible).

The operator interface can also be remotely accessed through a chamber connection to the customer’s LAN or via mobile network (on activation of a SIM card data). It includes the MyAngel24™ interactive assistance system.

MyKratos With Devices
Main Features
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the chamber
  • Visualization and graphical analysis of measures and recordings
  • Synoptic charts of the entire system
  • Multilanguage support
  • High configurability of chamber parameters
  • Unlimited measures recording possibilities
  • Program and Manual chamber operation modes
  • Delayed start of a program
  • Possibility to select more than one chamber from a single Tablet: secure access by means of multiple password levels
  • Automatic notifications of event and alarms
  • Archive manager for easy access to the stored recordings
  • Possibility to send email notification
  • Possibility to send SMS notification(SIM card required)
  • Multi-chamber management
  • System available in several languages
Test Program Editor
  • Unlimited possibilities for storing cyclesof 350 segments delaying their execution
  • Internal repetitions of 10 groups of segments up to 999 times each
  • Possibility to upload, edit, export, and delete already existing cycles and recordings
  • Graphic and numeric profile parameters data entry
Graphic Functions (Graphic Viewer)
  • Live data update of measures on the charts
  • Graphic charts or numeric table representation views on the monitor
  • Graphic cursor for in-chart datameasurements and evaluations
  • Calculation of Measure Slopes and report generation.
  • Enable/disable of chart display
  • Zoom in, zoom out and scroll functions

Export function to convert the MyKratos™ log file into ASCII format (usable in Excel or other applications)

Key Features

  • Control and management system and interfaces
    Controlled by PLC and Advanced HMI

  • Remote access
    There is a wide range of possibilities thanks to the built-in MyKratos™ and MyAngel24™; multichamber control also available upon request

  • Electromagnetic closing system
    Ensures the security of environmental tests

  • Air treatment system
    Ensures a precise control of the climatic parameters inside the chamber with minimal thermal inertia; an axial fan allows rapid temperature variations of both air and specimen.

  • Humidification system (only climatic version)
    The humidifier with a self-contained heater and dedicated controlling S/W offers two great advantages:

    • it does not require distilled or demineralised water to operate properly
    • it uses ‘dry’ vapour in order to avoid condensation on the specimens and to reproduce real environmental conditions

Basic Configuration

  • MyKratos™ and MyAngel24™
  • Electromagnetic closing system
  • Inspection window
  • Self-pivoting wheels and feet
  • Air condenser
  • Internal light
  • Self feeding system (town waterthrough chamber embedded softener)
  • No. 1 internal grid shelf
  • Humidification water recycling system
  • Min/max digital thermostat withindependent probe
  • Silicone portholes
  • Auxiliary free contacts
  • Ethernet port
  • RS232 serial interface

Available Options

  • Additional portholes
  • UV lamp
  • Handling port hole (availablefor models from 500 litres up)
  • Internal shelves
  • Water condenser
  • Reinforced floor
  • Capacitive probe
  • Notch
  • Set of no.4 analogic inputs
  • Set of no. 4 PT100 inputs
  • Set of no. 4 PT100 probes
  • Set of no. 8 auxiliary contacts
  • No break power unit for PLC
  • Temperature extension to +200°C
  • Air fan motor speedadjustment
  • Air flow booster
  • Specimen switching off in case of chamber alarm
  • Compressed air dehumidification kit
  • T e RH analogicretransmission
  • Surface cleaning set

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Control Software for ACS Test Chambers