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The need to limit the energy used in home heating requires precise experimental measurements for the various conditions in which different terminal heating units are used.

  • The chamber developed by ACS, in addition to providing accurate measurements in compliance with the European standard EN 442, enables the additional assessments necessary for determining more realistic evaluation indices for the different types of terminal heating units.
  • The basis of comparison for such a classification is the energy supplied to the environment, thermal comfort being equal. For the reasons stated above, compared to the consolidated test methodologies, it became necessary to develop new systems that would permit a univocal evaluation of all the different types of terminal heating units.


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Key Features

  • The central panels of the wall behind the heating unit (ref. EN 442) receive the fluid by means of an autonomous circuit permitting the simulation of cold surfaces.
  • In order to guarantee greater accuracy in controlling the temperature, two cooling sources have been provided.
  • The working temperature range is between -10°C and 40°C.
  • A special device combined with a controlled and positionable ventilation system makes it possible to evaluate the influence of the make-up air on the temperature distribution inside the thermostatic chamber and on the power exchanged.
  • The temperature measurements are obtained through a mapping of different positions on the air and the walls.
  • The mean radiant temperature is measured using special dedicated instruments.
  • For other measurements – velocity and flow – at least two simultaneous measurement points and three flow meters are used.

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