ACS Thermal Transmittance Chambers

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Product Overview

ACS Thermal Transmittance Chambers are specifically designed for Construction Industry Components to test the thermal behaviour of solar active buildings.

The chamber is able to evaluate the overall thermal behaviour of solar active building elements, i.e. façade elements with integrated modules for the production of electric power or heat based on solar technologies, under close-to-reality conditions.

Typical conditions and testing specifications include the following:

  • How does the integrated solar thermal collector alter the temperature profile and energy flow in the wall?
  • Does the further insulation enhance the efficiency of the collector?
  • And conversely: how must the wall element be composed in order to maximise the overall energy balance if PV-modules are integrated, which typically work better at low temperatures?
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Key Features

  • Hydraulic Close Loop System combined with Artificial Sun Simulator allows for evaluation of energy efficiency of active solar systems integrated, and therefore the thermal behaviour of the overall construction component being tested.

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