ACS CST130/2T “spinner” Chambers

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(*) with dedicated SW

Product Overview

New design for the model CST130/2T “spinner”

It has been completely redesigned based on the Discovery My model, thus obtaining an improvement of performances and a significant reduction of consumption.

The CST130/2T “spinner” Thermal Shock Test Chamber is made up of two test chambers: a hot chamber in the upper part and a cold chamber in the lower part.

The “basket” in which the products to be tested are placed is moved electrically from one compartment to the other by a motorized worm drive system; this mechanism ensures a high transfer speed and significantly reduced vibrations while the specimen is being moved from one chamber to the other. During the transfer the specimen is subjected to a thermal shock according to the thermal profile temperatures that have been set.

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Control System

MyKratos Support Manage & Control

MyKratos™ control software makes it possible to manage, monitor and assist the chamber anywhere, at any time, in multiple ways via the on-board panel and desktop/mobile devices (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, mobile network). The chamber wireless (Wi-Fi) connection permits operation using tablets and smartphones (iOS or Android compatible).

The operator interface can also be remotely accessed through a chamber connection to the customer’s LAN or via mobile network (on activation of a SIM card data). It includes the MyAngel24™ interactive assistance system.

MyKratos With Devices
Main Features
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the chamber
  • Visualization and graphical analysis of measures and recordings
  • Synoptic charts of the entire system
  • Multilanguage support
  • High configurability of chamber parameters
  • Unlimited measures recording possibilities
  • Program and Manual chamber operation modes
  • Delayed start of a program
  • Possibility to select more than one chamber from a single Tablet: secure access by means of multiple password levels
  • Automatic notifications of event and alarms
  • Archive manager for easy access to the stored recordings
  • Possibility to send email notification
  • Possibility to send SMS notification(SIM card required)
  • Multi-chamber management
  • System available in several languages
Test Program Editor
  • Unlimited possibilities for storing cyclesof 350 segments delaying their execution
  • Internal repetitions of 10 groups of segments up to 999 times each
  • Possibility to upload, edit, export, and delete already existing cycles and recordings
  • Graphic and numeric profile parameters data entry
Graphic Functions (Graphic Viewer)
  • Live data update of measures on the charts
  • Graphic charts or numeric table representation views on the monitor
  • Graphic cursor for in-chart datameasurements and evaluations
  • Calculation of Measure Slopes and report generation.
  • Enable/disable of chart display
  • Zoom in, zoom out and scroll functions

Export function to convert the MyKratos™ log file into ASCII format (usable in Excel or other applications)

Key Features

  • Electronic control of the ON/OFF solenoid valves
    Optimize the operation of the cooling system according to the machine’s working conditions
  • Compressed air drying columns
    Improve chamber performance in terms of productivity, for long-term tests without the need to use defrosting cycles
  • Add a preconditioning and postconditioning stage to the test cycle
    • Preconditioning allows the obtaining of cycles that are closer to the thermal profile set in the first stages;
    • Postconditioning allows the specimen to be moved more rapidly at the end of the cycle. To speed up the cooling of the hot chamber, it is equipped with a compressed-air flushing system
  • Control and management system and interfaces
    Controlled by PLC and Advanced HMI
  • Remote access
    There is a wide range of possibilities thanks to the built-in MyKratos™ and MyAngel24™; multichamber control also available upon request
  • Electromagnetic closing system
    Ensures the security of environmental tests
  • Air treatment system
    Ensures a precise control of the climatic parameters inside the chamber with minimal thermal inertia; an axial fan allows rapid temperature variations of both air and specimen.
  • Humidification system (only climatic version)
    The humidifier with a self-contained heater and dedicated controlling S/W offers two great advantages:

    • it does not require distilled or demineralised water to operate properly
    • it uses ‘dry’ vapour in order to avoid condensation on the specimens and to reproduce real environmental conditions

Basic Configuration

  • MyKratos™ and MyAngel24™
  • Electromagnetic closing system
  • Inspection window
  • Self-pivoting wheels and feet
  • Air condenser
  • Internal light
  • Self feeding system (town waterthrough chamber embedded softener)
  • No. 1 internal grid shelf
  • Humidification water recycling system
  • Min/max digital thermostat withindependent probe
  • Silicone portholes
  • Auxiliary free contacts
  • Ethernet port
  • RS232 serial interface

Available Options

  • Additional portholes
  • UV lamp
  • Handling port hole (availablefor models from 500 litres up)
  • Internal shelves
  • Water condenser
  • Reinforced floor
  • Capacitive probe
  • Notch
  • Set of no.4 analogic inputs
  • Set of no. 4 PT100 inputs
  • Set of no. 4 PT100 probes
  • Set of no. 8 auxiliary contacts
  • No break power unit for PLC
  • Temperature extension to +200°C
  • Air fan motor speedadjustment
  • Air flow booster
  • Specimen switching off in case of chamber alarm
  • Compressed air dehumidification kit
  • T e RH analogicretransmission
  • Surface cleaning set

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