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The touch temperature is closely related to perceived quality. When touching a material surface, we humans have a certain expectation of the surface temperature.

If the eye signals that a material is probably steel, then we expect a surface temperature corresponding to the material. If the haptic feedback does not correspond to the expectation, because the button of a stereo system, for example, is not made of steel but of coated plastic, then a cognitive dissonance occurs.

This results in confusion and in a reduced subjective impression of quality. This example can be applied to many control elements, such as a PC keyboard, artificial leather, door knobs, decorative elements in the car and many more.

By knowing the absolute values of the haptic touch temperature, the perceived quality can be influenced. This is possible with the HapTemp by a simple and fast measurement.

Therefore, studies with distorted results are no longer necessary. The measurement result is independent of transparency, gloss or color of the materials. HapTemp generates an absolute value in the Sensotact® scale. This scale correlates with the human sensation of the touch temperature.

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Key Features


  • Shorter development times
  • No subjective studies are needed anymore
  • Optimization of subjective product quality
  • Objective, repeatable measurement result

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Please contact our specialist sales team on:

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