m-series Low Acoustic Noise and Compact Range (300N – 1200N)

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*1 The displacement at the lower limit of frequency (1000Hz) and maximum acceleration (200m/s2) is so small that there is no certified value.
*2 Power supply: single-phase 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz. A transformer is required for other supply voltages.
*3 Insulation pad (W410 x H45 x D410 mm) is standard equipment.
* The specification shows the maximum system performance. For long-duration tests, de-rating by up to 70 % must be applied. Continuous use at maximum levels may cause failure. Please contact IMV if you use more than 70 %.
* Frequency range values vary according to sensor and vibration controller.

Product Overview

The m-Series range of Vibration Test Systems is both compact and silent, but still powerful enough for full-scale tests. The m-Series shaker is small enough to be moved safely by an end-user using integrated carrier handles.

The design of the m-Series is ‘Soundless’ giving the end-user an improved test environment.

Cooling is provided by the built-in Cooling Fan, that is DC-Powered. There is also the availability of Natural Air Cooling (with a limitation on performance) giving the system a form of resilience. The compact shaker system, by design, features noise reduction and doesn’t require an external blower.

Further benefits to the compact design include low power consumption when compared to a larger system, uncompromising high-precision measurement and flexible enough to adapt to almost any test environment. The compact shaker from IMV is ideal for test environments that are noise sensitive and have limited space.

All compact systems can be offered with head expander and slip table options. You can also combine the m-series compact vibration test system with a thermal and humidity chamber.

Applications include both multi-axis and squeak and rattle.

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Control System


Rapid creation of a test from a set of pre-defined templates conforming to most international test standards.


System Monitor

Remote monitoring of the test status over the internet.

The status of the test, and the amplifier or shaker operation can be viewed on a remote PC using a standard internet browser. Problems or errors are easily identified.

Home Screen

Home Screen

Home Screen (Error)

Home Screen (Error)

Eco Screen

Eco Screen

Camera Screen

Camera Screen

Chamber Screen

Chamber Screen

Home Screen

Key Features

  • Compact
  • Large Diameter Armatures
  • Low Noise
  • Powerful enough for full-scale tests
  • Internal Payload Support

Available Options

Head Expander

“-A” at the end of model number shows that material is aluminum alloy. Add the vibration generator type where “□” is shown.

* The supplementary guidance system using linear bearings is used with the vibration generator when combined with the head expander.

M-series Head Expander

Slip Table

M-series Slip Table


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