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Product Overview

Customers wishing to take advantage of the ECO technology offered by IMV are able to upgrade their equipment through the ECO Replacement Amplifier Program.

Key benefits of upgrading your existing amplifier to the ECO technology include a more efficient power Amplifier, decreased operating noise and automation of power consumption via the Intelligent Shaker Manager (ISM).

The ISM automatically calculates and optimizes the power consumption, helping the end-user to lower costs, decrease carbon footprint and CO2 emissions and finally reduces time spent on manual configuration and setup.

The program is currently open to all customers with any manufacturers Vibration test Systems, and is offered as a standard site upgrade.

Customers also have the option of purchasing a new IMV 4-Channel Vibration Control System with SINE, Random and Shock software, as part of the upgrade, or can simply purchase the ISM Software for use on their existing Vibration controller

Improve your test environment and reap the benefits by upgrading your Amplifier today. To explore your options for upgrading to the very latest, cutting-edge ECO Vibration Test technology, please contact our specialist sales team.

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Key Features

  • Saving Running Cost

    Conventional shaker systems set the field power and blower speed to the nominal settings as soon as the system is started. Only the armature power is varied according to the force required for the test.

    IMV’s ISM-EM technology constantly monitors the force required to operate the vibration test and by using the high frequency power converters, and automatically adjusts the field power and cooling blower speed to run at the point of minimum energy consumption.

    Savings Estimate

    Possible Energy Savings

    Estimation of saving effect:

    As an example of replacement for LDS V870 (7,500 lbf), considering 20 days / month operation and 0.10 US $ / kWh electricity cost, we calculate savings through depending on output force:

  • Increase Durability

    IMV shakers’ durability is already well known in Japan, Asian countries, Russia, and Europe. They have installed about 200 multi-axis systems in the world for these 20 years in addition to a large number of single-axis shaker systems.

    In the United States, they have one of the testimonials in the automotive industry test house, Spectrum Technologies, Inc., located in Redford, MI. It has two of simultaneous 3-axis shaker systems (TS-2000-6H : 4,400 pound-force each axis). The first system was installed about 10 years ago and the second one was installed in November 2017. Both shaker systems are mainly used up to 2,000 Hz for one of the “Big Three” automakers’ components durability tests.

    The first shaker system shows IMV’s real-world durability with no down time until now. As of November 2016, its hour meter on the amplifier shows “23,213 hours” (refer to the picture below) without any maintenance for about 10 years. In fact, our claimed amplifier MTBF is 17,537 hours, and thus the amplifier at Spectrum Technologies, Inc. successfully proved our advanced durability of 4th generation IGBT amplifier. Please note that IMV amplifiers can operate under ambient temperature of 104 Farrenheight (40°C).

    Hour MeterTest System

  • Noise Reduction (for air-cooled type)= Quiet Shaker

    In minimising the energy used by IMV’s ISM-EM to run any particular test, then the cooling requirement is also minimised. Not only does this save energy, but it also means that for most tests, the ISM-EM is quiet.

    Many customers are buying the ECO-system for the noise reduction alone and the energy saving is an additional benefit. The figures below show the measured sound levels of IMV’s i260 shaker of the rated force 54 kN (12,100 lbf) when operating in the ECO-power saving mode.

Noise Reduction
  • Advanced Service Support / (Remote) Maintenance Manager

    IMV’s ISM-EM monitors up to 200 parameters, including for example power module operating conditions, system temperatures, interlock status, controller status, 3-phase supply conditions and so on.

    By recording these parameters and saving them to a log file enables advanced diagnostics to be made on the system. Further, each time a system interlock occurs, a snapshot is taken of the system operating parameters both before and after the interlock occurred. All of this information means that THP can remotely diagnose a system problem such that:

    • The problem can be resolved remotely and the system is back up and running without the need for service engineer to visit.
    • If a service visit is required, the engineer will bring the correct spare part and have the system running again in only one trip.

    Everything is done to keep the ISM-EM running for the maximum amount of time and maximise your return on investment.

Remote Maintenance Manager

Available Options

  • IMV 4-channel  Vibration Control System with Sine, Random & Shock Software


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