Aluminum & Magnesium Head Expanders

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Product Overview

Designed for High-Frequency testing, Head Expanders can be made from either Magnesium or Aluminum. Head Expanders that are cast, are lighter and offer high resonance frequency.

Machined Head Expanders can be made from a solid Magnesium or Aluminum plate. Machined Head Expanders have a lower frequency rage, but offer more weight savings when compared to a cast Expander.

Boxed Head Expanders are created by assembling aluminum or magnesium plates with a special technique. This is the best-in-class Head Expander for a Low Frequency Range.

The purpose of a Head Expander is to allow testing of multiple items simultaneously, or expanding the test area of a shaker for larger test samples.

Head Expanders can increase efficiency, or simply expand your test capabilities on an existing Vibration Test System.

To select the correct Head Expander for your project, you should look at the following factors:

  • Sample Size
  • Maximum Frequency Required

Magnesium Head Expanders from Centrotecnica are available with standard or customized insert-patterns.

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Key Features

  • High and low Frequency
  • Standard range of un guided Expanders to suit most manufacturers Vibration test Systems
  • Dimensions of up to 3000 mm available
  • Full inspection and dynamic test report with each expander delivered

Available Options

  • Bespoke guidance systems for payloads with high overturning moments
  • Thermal Barriers for use with climatic chambers
  • Expanders for Servo Hydraulic actuators


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