TC-Series Sequential Tri-Axis Vibration Test System

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* Depending on the reference PSD or other operating conditions such as the specimen, one part of the controlled response may deviate from the reference PSD

Product Overview

Multi-axis vibration test technology is one of the modern developments in Vibration Testing in the Test & Measurement industry.

IMV’s TC-Series Vibration Test Systems are Sequential Multi-Axis Shakers designed to improve test efficiency.

The TC-Series features tri-axis operation while the DC-Series offers dual-axis operation.

Sequential Multi-Axis solutions do not require the end-user to re-mount the test specimen, reducing test times, and driving greater efficiency.

Due to their nature, Multi-axis vibration generators can run tests across up to three separate axis, eliminating the need for additional sliptables.

Both IMV’s TS-Series and DS-Series of Multi-Axis Shakers can be combined with Climatic Test Chambers and Temperature / Humidity Chambers.

It is possible to expand to simultaneous excitation with the addition of power amplifiers and vibration controllers. Speak with our expert consultants today to discuss your test requirements.

IMV’s solution offers end-users reproduction of a more realistic vibration test in an extremely efficient and accurate way.

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Key Features

  • Multi-Axis Vibration Technology through Tri-Axis operation
  • Users do not have to re-mount specimens, making multiple tests efficient and simple

Available Options

  • Dual-Axis (DC)
  • Tri-Axis (TC)


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