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We offer a wide range of Test & Measurement Solutions, Services and Systems to organisations around the world.


  1. A-series (3kN – 65kN)

    New Standard in Vibration Testing with a solid test performance. The new A-series Vibration Test System from IMV Corporation. A-series […]
  2. CoCo 80/90 Handheld Signal Analyzer

    The CoCo 80/90 is a state-of-the-art, lab quality handheld Signal Analyzer and Vibration Data Acquisition System. CoCo is the first […]
  3. DP-1200 Free Fall Shock Machine

    The DP-1200 is a Free Fall Shock Machine from King Design is a gravity-type impact tester. This destructive test enables […]
  4. EST Slip Table

    The Easy Slip Table (EST) from Centrotecnica is an innovative design for horizontal testing in 3 axis. The patented slip […]
  5. General Purpose Accelerometers

    We provide a wide range of Accelerometers manufactured by PCB Piezotronics. Piezoelectric accelerometers offer extreme versatility for both shock and […]
  6. m-series – (300N – 1200N)

    The m-Series range of Vibration Test Systems is both compact and silent, but still powerful enough for full-scale tests. The […]
  7. Spider 81/B – Vibration Control System

    The Spider-81 Vibration Controller, developed by Crystal Instruments is a 4th generation Vibration Control System. Utilizing exclusive, advanced technology, it […]