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Test & Measurement Solutions

We offer a wide range of Test & Measurement Solutions, Services and Systems to organisations around the world.

Custom Designed Chambers

  1. Accelerated Stress Test Chamber

    In today’s fast moving and competitive environment, there is an increasing need to quickly test products in order to accelerate […]
  2. Battery Testing Chambers

    Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) supplies a variety of test chambers for testing small battery cells to large lithium ion battery packs. […]
  3. Calibration Baths

    Liquid Calibration Baths Designed for calibration of temperature control devices that contain hazardous or corrosive fluids. Meets Class 1, Division […]
  4. Enviromental Conditioning Units

    Environmental Condition unit integrates with other products/assemblies for temperature and humidity controlled environment. CSZ’s environmental conditioning units are designed to […]
  5. Fuel Tank Chambers

    CSZ’s fuel tank test chamber is designed to test the quality and reliability of automotive fuel tanks. Fuel tanks are […]
  6. Liquid Baths

    Custom Multi-Bath Liquid baths temperature condition fluid for immersing products and immediately exposing them to a specific temperature. Multi-liquid baths […]
  7. Liquid Chillers & Conditioners

    CSZ Liquid Chillers condition and re-circulate low temperature fluid. CSZ recirculating chillers are designed to remove heat. Our ultra low […]
  8. Process Gas Condenser

    Process gas chillers are designed to condense vapors out of a process gas stream so it may be collected and […]