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Vibration Controllers

Our powerful Vibration Control Systems are best-in-class to give end-users complete flexibility.

Vibration Controllers

  1. Spider 81/B – Vibration Control System

    The Spider-81 Vibration Controller, developed by Crystal Instruments is a 4th generation Vibration Control System. Utilizing exclusive, advanced technology, it offers performance and features, not...
  2. Spider-80X Dynamic Measurement System

    The Spider-80X is a cutting-edge data acquisition, dynamic measurement system developed by Crystal Instruments. The system is a highly modular, truly distributed, scalable dynamic measurement...
  3. Spider-81C Vibration Controller System

    WIRELESS ROUTER BUILT-IN: VIBRATION TEST CONTROLLER SYSTEM The Spider-81C vibration test controller is designed to connect directly to an iPad with its built-in wireless router....